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      Current situation and development of fastener industry in China

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      The 13th National Fastener Economy Trade and Technology Fair was held in Shanghai from November 25th to 27th. After the election of Comrade Feng Jinxi as the president of the 6th Fastener Professional Association, Comrade Wang Shihong served as the 6th fastener. Secretary General of the Professional Association.
      1. According to China's 2004 output of 3.4 million tons, the output in 2005 is expected to be 3.7 million tons, accounting for one quarter of the world's total output, ranking first in the world. The development and characteristics of China's fastener industry: 1 The concentration of fastener industry is obvious; 2 Leading enterprises play a leading role; 3 Enterprise technology reforms are strengthened; 4 Product structure is further optimized; 5 The pace of attracting foreign investment is accelerating. The fastener industry has entered a stage of steady growth, but there are still some shortcomings: 1 The distribution structure of the enterprise is still unreasonable, the scale is too small 2 The product structure is unreasonable, and the middle and low-end products are still the leading products of the industry, which are not in line with resources and Market demand; 3 technical level is still low; 4 management level is not high;
      2. China's fastener industry development trend
      Looking at the macroeconomic situation of the world's industrial division of labor and manufacturing transfer, the fastener industry has provided opportunities for development, and we must seize this rare opportunity for development. National fastener production is expected to increase by 10% every year, and the total export volume will increase by 20%. By 2010, China's fastener production will reach 6 million tons, of which the total export volume will exceed 3 million tons, which indicates that China will become China. World Fastener Manufacturing Center. However, in the past few years, China's fastener companies have begun to move toward a high-cost era, building a harmonious society, urban planning pays more attention to environmental protection, and strictly controls and rectifies waste water, oil mist and noise, which is intensive fastening. The industry is putting more pressure, and it is difficult to solve the shortage of energy for a while, which brings new difficulties to the more developed coastal areas of the fastener industry. From the past extensive to the economical transformation, only savings can offset the pressure on the cost of rising, from low-cost advantages to technological advantages.
      During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, we must first speed up the production of fasteners above grade 8.8 (carburizing) and high-strength, high-precision special fasteners, non-standard shaped parts, focusing on the development of combination screws and assemblies, stainless steel fastening Pieces, IT industry micro-screws, self-drilling fasteners, titanium alloy fasteners and various surface treatments, chemical coating fasteners, with the third eye to see the market.
      Secondly, vigorously promote the new technology of low-temperature rapid spheroidization and annealing-free, accelerate the research and development of non-tempered steel on high-strength fasteners, and continuously improve the processing level of raw materials for cold heading.
      A large part of high-strength and high-precision fastener products are functional parts and safety parts, and the quality cannot be relaxed. Guaranteed "zero defects" and only 0.03% quality feedback. Therefore, enterprises must work hard to cultivate core technology and technological innovation capabilities, and attach importance to skills, proprietary processes, technological innovation, and advanced equipment.
      At present, the development of China's fastener industry is the trend of the times. By 2010, China's fastener production will reach 6 million tons. China needs the world market, and the world cannot do without Chinese fasteners.


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