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      A five-part piece about removing rusty fasteners from fasteners

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      Nowadays, fasteners are used for fastening on machinery, equipment, vehicles and railways. That is to say, in many areas, the use of fasteners is not a short connection of fastening parts, but the fastener manufacturers are annoyed by "how to eliminate What are the symptoms of fasteners rusting?" This is also a common problem in our daily life, but many people do not know how to deal with it flexibly. Here, we share the five pieces of rust-locked fasteners. song.
      A five-part piece about removing rusty fasteners from fasteners
      First, "shock": Regarding the rust-locked screw stud stainless steel fasteners, we can use a hammer to strike the wrench with a proper force to make the fasteners sensation, so that it can be locked. The screws were easily unscrewed.
      Second, "knock": use the edge of the hammer to strike the rusted stainless steel studs in order to loosen the rusty fasteners. The strength of the tapping can be determined according to the specific conditions of the mounting orientation of the nut. For example, the nut on the bolts of the bicycle pedal can reasonably grasp the tap according to the metal structure of the pedal, the thickness of the metal, and the like. The strength. If this does not solve the problem, we can use a hammer to circulate the nut counterclockwise, so that the fastener can be easily disassembled.
      Third, "burning": This method is suitable for the situation where the rust lock is more serious. If the above magic weapon can't solve the problem, we can burn the rusted nut with the flame of gas welding, after the burning is over. To apply grease to the threads of the burnt red fasteners, it is easy to remove the rust-locked fasteners. (The principle of this method is the principle of “thermal expansion and contraction”. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of some plastics and other materials that are easily melted by heat to prevent the use of this magic weapon.)
      Fourth, "rush": Because the rust is more serious, the fasteners that cause corrosion on the top of the screw, we can use this method. Simply hit the top of the screw in the vertical direction with a hammer and a screwdriver. The intention is to form a v-shaped groove, and then impact the fastener in the direction in which the screw is screwed out until it stops, so we can use it. The pliers were easily disassembled. (This method is also suitable for use when the "one" or "ten" screw presents a slipper).
      V. "Welding": This magic weapon is suitable for use in situations where the rust is severe and the screw is broken when disassembled. In response to this situation, we can use electric welding to weld a suitable length of iron on the twisted screw, and then combine it with the above magic weapon. The section size of the welded iron block can be determined based on the diameter of the stainless steel screw.
      Tips: When the phenomenon of rust lock is present, it is necessary to use the above five methods to disassemble the fasteners scientifically and reasonably. Otherwise, the hexagonal corners of the screws will be screwed, the screws will be broken, and the wrench will be screwed. Bad and so on.


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